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      三年級《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件


      三年級《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件


      這是三年級《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件下載,主要介紹了Enjoy the song,Let's learn,Think and say,Let's say,Homework,歡迎點擊下載哦。

      Think and say I’m hungry. What should I do? Let's say Apple red, apple green. Apple juicy, apple yummy. Apple, apple, I love you. Apple yummy I love to eat. ... ... ... Homework (1) Listen to and repeat “Let’s learn” and “ Let’s chant”. (2) Get more names about fruits. (3) Make word cards.


      《Do you like pears》Lets sing Flash動畫課件:這是一個關于《Do you like pears》Lets sing Flash動畫課件,本課件通過動畫的形式將《Do you like pears?》中的Lets sing展示給學生,An apple a day keeps the doctor away等等,歡迎點擊下載哦。
      《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件:這是一個關于《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件,主要是 Listen to and repeat “Let’s learn” and “ Let’s chant”.(2) Get more names about fruits.(3) Make word cards.歡迎點擊下載
      《Do you like pears》Listen and write Flash動畫課件:這是一個關于《Do you like pears》Listen and write Flash動畫課件,本課件通過動畫的形式將《Do you like pears?》中的Listen and write展示給學生 ,歡迎點擊下載哦。
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      • 三年級《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件
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