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      三年級《Do you like pears》第六課時PPT課件


      三年級《Do you like pears》第六課時PPT課件


      這是三年級《Do you like pears》第六課時PPT課件下載,主要介紹了Let's chant,Look and say,Listen and order,Let's learn,Discuss in group,Let's check,歡迎點擊下載哦。

      Discuss in group
      a. What food does Zoom like?
      b. What fruits does Zoom like?
      c. What drinks does Zoom like?
      ... ... ...
      (1) Listen to and repeat “Story time”.
      (2)Make fruit salad for your parents.


      《Do you like pears》Lets sing Flash動畫課件:這是一個關于《Do you like pears》Lets sing Flash動畫課件,本課件通過動畫的形式將《Do you like pears?》中的Lets sing展示給學生,An apple a day keeps the doctor away等等,歡迎點擊下載哦。
      《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件:這是一個關于《Do you like pears》第四課時PPT課件,主要是 Listen to and repeat “Let’s learn” and “ Let’s chant”.(2) Get more names about fruits.(3) Make word cards.歡迎點擊下載
      《Do you like pears》Listen and write Flash動畫課件:這是一個關于《Do you like pears》Listen and write Flash動畫課件,本課件通過動畫的形式將《Do you like pears?》中的Listen and write展示給學生 ,歡迎點擊下載哦。
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      • 三年級《Do you like pears》第六課時PPT課件
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